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Why We Exist

Wavelength's purpose is to make the world better through business by profoundly improving the quality of leadership.

As a purpose-led organisation Wavelength strives to fulfil its purpose through the work it does. Gauging progress by regularly gathering client feedback and opinion about the impact that our leadership programmes have had is a cornerstone activity for us.

It’s important for us to know that our purpose is actually being played out in the programmes we offer and the lives and leadership of those who attend them.

"I have done the MBA, I have done the business school courses but Connect is in a league of its own. A truly powerful programme which has made me think differently about my leadership and my business."

Frederico Santos, Customer Director, Carglass Portugal

Our Impact

It’s a question that we’ve been asked a lot over the years. For us, having some answers is fundamental to realising our company purpose - to make the world better through business by profoundly improving the quality of leadership. Honest measurement of the work we do for the business communities that we seek to serve underpins being the purpose-led organisation that Wavelength is proud to be.

And we don’t need to tell you that it’s also important for us to measure the impact of our leadership programmes so that you can put together a compelling business case for leadership development in your own organisation.


Case Studies

When you read a Wavelength case study, you’ll get an honest account of a leader’s experience of attending one of our leadership programmes. We ask in-depth questions and get honest answers back about the curriculum, the presentations, host organisations and trip logistics. As such, they are an authentic picture of what happened and the impact it had on our clients and the organisations they work for.

As well as being testimonials of the value provided they also give us an indication of how well programmes have worked, how we could improve them and how we can bring greater value to our clients in the future.

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