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Who we are

We are a world-class leadership company specialising in immersive learning programmes.

We opened our doors for business back in 2008, with an event which brought together the best of the world's leaders from cross-sector organisations: Wavelength100.

Now, we are one of the world’s leading providers of immersive leadership programmes.

We are a for profit (but not profit maximisation) organisation. Alongside our corporate clients, we enable social entrepreneurs, charities, public sector leaders and change agents to participate in our programmes at greatly subsidised rates.

"The Wavelength guys don't offer up glib or easy answers. It is a grown up programme for grown up people."

Michael Andrews, Director, Waitrose


Our Clients

We bring together a rich diversity of organisations through our leadership programmes. They come from the broadest range of businesses; from FTSE 100 companies, social sector enterprises, and public-sector bodies. Our clients tell us that they value the chance to network with peers that they wouldn’t normally meet through their own industry circles. Sometimes it’s the refreshingly different perspectives that deliver those breakthrough moments.

Our Team

Wavelength has a world-class squad of facilitators, designers, logistics, and accounting ninjas who make it all happen.

We are proud of the purposefully inspirational business we have created. It’s great to be part of a global network of inspired and inspiring leaders. We’re true to our roots where well-being, family, and friends come first.


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