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What’s the biggest mistake you’ve ever made in business?

How often do you hear leaders honestly sharing their mistakes and what they learnt from them? As one of the contributors says in this film: “People always learn more from other people’s mistakes then from their triumphs.” Some of Wavelength’s speakers reveal their deepest secrets – always fascinating, sometimes shocking, it’s compelling viewing!

Ranging from business lessons learnt the hard way to acknowledging personal patterns of leadership behaviours, this film reveals not just the mistake but focuses on what was learnt:

  • Dave Ridley, Senior VP and Chief Marketing Officer, Southwest Airlines, USA: In a new role, acting too quickly can mean not taking the existing team with you and losing their respect and trust;

  • Colleen McCreary, Chief People Officer, Zynga, USA: In decision-making, not voicing your true opinion in the moment can mean regretting the mistakes you knew in your gut you were making;

  • Faisel Rahman, Founder, Fair Finance, UK: Not doing the research can result in discovering you are in breach of the regulations surrounding your sector;

  • Thulasiraj (Thulsi) Ravilla, Executive Director, Aravind Eye Care System, India: Choosing the wrong business model to scale the organisation can backfire if the strategy doesn’t dovetail with the philosophy;

  • Lisa Gansky, Founder, Mesh Directory, USA: Under pressure, hiring the wrong person to “fill the seat” can be costly in time and money trying to force fit that person into the organisation – and make that mistake enough times and “you will dilute the culture” of the organisation;

  • Sir Martin Narey, Government Adviser and former CEO of Barnardo’s, UK: Not recognising that real culture change takes much longer then the superficial evidence you chose to believe can have dramatic consequences;

  • Allan Webber, Author, USA: Holding back from committing emotionally to each new experience can mean that you lose the opportunity to immerse yourself forever;

  • George Anders, Author, USA: Oh, and then there’s the one about alcohol…!


Some of the contributors to this film are part of the Wavelength Speakers Bureau. To view full biographies and book for your own event, click below:

Faisel Rahman, Founder, Fair Finance Sir Martin Narey, Government Adviser and former CEO of Barnardo’s


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