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WL USA – Day 1:

Culture, Storytelling and How to Hire at Southwest Airlines

Yesterday, Wavelength went to Southwest Airlines in Dallas to meet the top leaders, the employees and frontline staff to find out what makes this company best in class. In this video, Liam Black and Matt White talk about what they learnt about culture, storytelling and hiring the right people for the job.

Operating in one of the world’s most regulated, lowest margin industries, Southwest Airlines have set the standards for customer service and sustaining a great-place-to-work culture and are the only airline never to make a loss or lay anyone off. Everyone wants to work there – in 2011 they received 193,000 for 4,300 jobs.

Three big lessons for other organisations to learn:

1. the interplay between smart and healthy;

2. leave no stone unturned to find the mechanism to make the behaviour you want inevitable;

3. always hire for the culture fit and invest your time to do so.

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About: Southwest Airlines is the world’s largest low cost airline. It was formed in 1967 and is based in Dallas, Texas. It has around 46,000 employees, fly’s to 97 destinations in 41 American states, servicing around 100 million customers each year. Southwest Airlines has built a reputation for exemplary Customer Service, low fares with no annoying fee’s, safe and reliable operations and an extraordinary company culture.

Take are look at Southwest Airlines Corporate Fact Sheet and learn more about this great company.

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