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Why should employees care about the vision and values of their organisation?

In this video we hear three points of view on the importance of employee engagement with an organisation’s visions and values. All three agree – you cannot run a successful business without i

Dave Ridley, Senior VP and Chief Marketing Officer, South West Airlines says there should be a bilateral relationship between employer and employee – both should value each other’s beliefs. As a result they are extremely careful about who they hire. He talks about three qualities their employees should have:

  • Warrior Spirit – they should work hard

  • Servant’s Heart – care more about others than themselves

  • Fun-loving attitude

Sir Martin Narey, Government Advisor and former CEO of Barnado’s simply says, “because we want to go to work and do something which is important and makes a difference”. However he goes on to say that in his experience people from the private sector often give themselves a hard time over the fact the work they do is not more altruistic. Martin counters this by pointing out it is only through companies providing revenue through tax which enables many other issues to be tackled. He says these people should be equally proud of their contribution to society.

Alan Webber, Author says the tragedy of modern working life is that too many people trudge through their working day feeling totally disconnected from what they are supposed to be achieving. This is not just harmful to the individual but the company as well. He claims you can see and feel the energy at companies who are able to engage their employees. This then filters across to customers and clients. This employee motivation is of course intangible which is much harder to measure but equally as important as tangible measures of success.


SPEAKER INFO: Dave Ridley, Sir Martin Narey and Alan Webber were key speakers at Wavelength Connect event On Your Marks 2013. To view more videos from this event go to On Your Marks 2013. Click on the link to view more videos from Dave Ridley, Sir Martin Narey and Alan Webber.


COMPANY INFO: South West Airlines is the world’s largest low cost airline. It was formed in 1967 and is based in Dallas, Texas. It has around 46,000 employees, flies to 97 destinations in 41 American states, servicing around 100 million customers each year. Southwest Airlines has built a reputation for exemplary Customer Service, low fares with no annoying fees, safe and reliable operations and an extraordinary company culture.

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