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Why Leaders Need to Take Notice of Social Media

Richard Sambrook the Global Vice Chairman for Edelman (The Independent Public Relations Agency) tells us why it is important for leaders to be in control of their digital footprint.

Richard takes us on his journey, from early 2000s when the BBC was in crisis particularly around the Hutton Enquiry. Richard found himself in the news on a daily basis and ended up with a negative digital profile, one that he wasn’t in control of and did not reflect what he stood for or how he wanted others to see him.

In 2003 Richard started a blog to communicate to his employees across the World Service which very quickly attracted over 6000 hits every month. A year on Richard had unwittingly taken control and positively changed his digital footprint. He continued to embrace social media, joining Facebook and Twitter. Richard says “that in order to understand this stuff you have to get your hands dirty and take responsibility for your digital footprint”.

Richard Sambrook is part of Wavelength’s speakers bureau to view his full biography, find links to other video’s and to book Richard for a speaking engagement go to Wavelength Speakers Bureau Richard Sambrook full profile.

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