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What is Wavelength Connect Best In Class?

About Wavelength Best In Class 2012 from Wavelength

Wavelength Connect is a leadership programme that aims to inspire, connect and develop leaders. During the year-long programme Wavelength Connect members attend a range of events giving them access to high calibre companies and leaders in some of the world’s most progressive companies. One of these events is called Best In Class. For this event, members spend two to three days visiting world class companies (Apple, Red Bull, Google, Four Seasons, Eden Project, Metro Bank etc.) who open their doors and give our members the chance to speak and learn from their senior leaders and employees at the coal face of their business.

We are often asked what makes a Best in Class company and why we pick the companies that we do. In this presentation we summarise what we believe makes these company’s stand out, some of the key points are:

  • They have a clear and compelling purpose and they make money

  • They have strong company cultures and people love working for them

  • They have a clever use of their environment

  • Customers love them and keep coming back

  • They have innovative products, services and people processes – they recruit the right people

  • They have visible leadership and communication

  • They are open and curious

  • They are good for the world

Click here to find out more about Wavelength Connect and Wavelength USA

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