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Welcome to Wavelength USA 2018

Silicon Valley’s leading companies, VCs, thought leaders and organisations in the midst of business model transformation will be part of Wavelength USA 2018. They will share how to thrive in a digitally disrupted world, lead through disruption and create thriving cultures to create amazing service.

Here is some interesting stimulus on the people and companies you will be seeing on Wavelength USA this year to whet your appetite for the Wavelength adventures ahead.

The Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company

The Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company leads the ultra competitive luxury hospitality market, enjoying 37% market share. It employs 40k people across 88 properties in 28 countries and has won almost every major hospitality award. Former Executive of The Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company, Sue Stephenson talks here about the ‘systems behind the smiles’ at the world’s leading luxury hotel brand.


Airbnb is one of Silicon Valley’s most iconic, disruptive and successful companies. Inside their jaw-dropping San Francisco HQ we will learn how Airbnb has disrupted the hospitality industry, its ‘guest first’ culture and how it continues to innovate and pivot – indeed in less than 2 years, 10% of its global revenues come from Airbnb for Business.

We will learn all about their latest venture – Airbnb Experiences. Read herehow they are on track for 1 million bookings and profitability by the end of 2019.

They are also set to change the way they run the home-stay operations by selling upgraded properties and ordinary hotels in 2018. Read all about it here.


Founded in 2011, RocketSpace has been the stable from which an astonishing 16 unicorns have emerged (companies worth more than $1bn/£700m) including Uber and Spotify. Silicon Valley’s hottest incubator will outline how tech entrepreneurs, start-ups and corporate innovators can collaborate to bring the future to market.

Read here how RocketSpace is also helping large companies overcome the fear of disruption.

W.L. Gore & Associates

At their brand new 11,000 square feet Innovation Centre, CEO Terri Kelly will explain why one of the world’s most innovative companies has established a facility to partner with start-ups to help totally transform its business. You can read more about it here.

Here is Terri talking about Gore’s unique culture and how she is leading through transforming times and changing the behaviours of the leaders and associates.


GE Digital was set up in 2015 to transform the 125 year-old GE into a ‘digital industrial company’. GE Digital is on-track to generate $12bn in revenues by 2020 and to become a top 10 software company. Read the CEO’s insights on Digital Transformation In Industrial Markets here.

Inside Silicon Valley Immersion

During this module we will help you understand the disruptive technologies, business models and key trends every executive should be aware of. Two people you will be hearing from are Lisa Gansky, Entrepreneur, Angel Investor and Instigator.

Lisa talks here about the three steps to Digital Transformation.

And you will also hear from Steve Cadigan, Thought Leader on people, culture and talent.

Watch this video for a taste of what Steve will talk about.

Here is a great piece on how employee engagement is the number one challenge for business leaders.


Lastly here is considered and informative piece from Lila Tretikov, one of Silicon Valley’s leading thought leaders on Innovation & Disruption.

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