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Bobby Loeb from Southwest Airlines on the legend of “The malice in Dallas”

In this video Bobby Loeb describes how Herb Kelleher, Founder & CEO of Southwest Airlines, arm wrestled his way out of a lengthy court battle when the company inadvertently ran the same advertising campaign as a competitor.

In 1992 the American airline company Southwest Airlines ran an advertising campaign which had the slogan “Just Plane Smart”. After they launched the campaign they discovered another aviation company was using the same slogan. Keeping true their culture Southwest Airlines Founder and CEO Herb Kelleher avoided a fight in the courts by setting up a personal challenge with the CEO of the other company. Little did they know that the way they dealt with this advertising conflict would create a story that has become a legend for thousands of people both inside and outside the company. Bobby Loeb, Senior Director of Operational Training at South West Airlines, tells the story of “The Malice in Dallas”.

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