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Carole Stone on the Joy of Networking

Carole Stone is a master networker. Previous producer of BBC 4’s flagship programme “Any Questions?”, a freelance journalist, broadcaster and media consultant. In this short video Carole give us some useful tips on networking, how to run your own sessions, how to walk into and work a room and reinforces the benefits of bringing people together.

Over the years Carole Stone has built up over 40,000 names in her electronic address book and a sound reputation as London’s networking Queen. Carole is famous for bringing people together for their mutual benefit in what she calls “good networking”.

In this video Carole reiterates that “Networking and bringing people together is the joy of life, it is not an add on, it is essential.”

Carole Stone is part of Wavelength’s speakers bureau to view her full biography, find links to other video’s and to book Carole for a speaking engagement go to Wavelength Speakers Bureau Carole Stone.

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