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Steve Cadigan; more on new technologies

Steve Cadigan, Former VP of Talent at Linked-In talks more about new technologies

In this time of massive change Steve Cadigan, Silicon Valley based thought leader, advisor and coach, suggests that employees today may well join a boss not a company. In this short clip he discusses what leaders need to do to take advantage of this.

Today’s world is one of readily accessible information but it is also a minefield of potential pitfalls. Steve tells us a funny story of how he fell into one of these. Luckily no harm was done.

Leaders today need to know how to use social media to their advantage and not fall into potential traps. They must have a strong voice within their field that is putting their own best foot forward and that of their organisation.



Steve Cadigan was a key speaker at Wavelength Connect event On Your Marks 2014. To view more videos from this event go to On Your Marks 2014.

Click on the link to view more videos from Steve Cadigan.

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