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Smart and Healthy

Smart is not enough, your business must also be healthy

To have sustained success a service company must be both smart and healthy. In this short video Dave Ridley, Senior Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer at SouthWest Airlines, explains how they have achieved this. In the end your business is all about your people.

A smart service company can be good for a while but cannot maintain these standards without also being healthy. So what is smart and what is healthy?

The “smart” elements of a business model are all the kinds of things you would learn at graduate school – strategy, marketing, finance etc. However, the “healthy” elements, which Dave argues are equally as important for sustained success, include high moral, low turnover, high productivity and clarity of purpose of the mission. In essence, looking after your people.

To achieve this success the leaders must take responsibility for both the smart and the healthy elements of their business model and not just delegate the “warm and fuzzy” bits to HR.



Dave Ridley was a key speaker at the Wavelength Connect event On Your Marks 2013. To view more videos from event go to On Your Marks 2013.

View more videos from Dave Ridley here.



About: Southwest Airlines is the world’s largest low cost airline. It was formed in 1967 and is based in Dallas, Texas. It has around 46,000 employees, flies to 97 destinations in 41 American states, servicing around 100 million customers each year. Southwest Airlines has built a reputation for exemplary Customer Service, low fares with no annoying fees, safe and reliable operations and an extraordinary company culture.

Take a look at Southwest Airlines Corporate Fact Sheet and learn more about this great company.

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