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Wavelength Reconnect 1: Extracting The Value

Take a look at the photos from the first Reconnect event for Wavelength Connect 2013. The event centred on “Extracting The Value”, helping members work through leadership challenges and consolidate learning from Connect’s previous events. It was held at Shoreditch Studios, London. These photos will give you a great sense of our events, and how we create stimulating and inspirational environments for our members.

On the 12th June, Wavelength held their first Reconnect event for 2013. One event in a year-long leadership programme, this event was centred on Extracting Value. Aimed at helping members make sense of their own leadership challenges, and maximising the learning and connectivity gained in the first half of the Wavelength Connect programme.

The event drew on the vast wisdom and experience of a range of leaders from across private, public and social enterprise sectors on issues related to people, culture change, purpose, values, innovation and more. There to help, advise and provoke our members, the leaders were:

Gaynor Coley, Chief Executive Enterprise The Eden Project

Gay – a Wavelength host and alumni – has been in leadership of one of the UK’s best known social enterprises since 1997. Her accountancy and financial acumen have helped create a robust business which has welcomed many millions of visitors and contributed hugely to the regeneration of one of the poorest parts of Britain. Eden has become well known throughout the world and an inspiration to the environmental movement. But fame and years of success are no guarantee of avoiding turbulence and Gay, in recent months, has been having to make very hard choices about the future of Eden as it comes to terms with how to position itself in an age of austerity. Gay is learning the hard way that balancing social and commercial goals is never easy and some of the choices are excruciating.

Gaynor Coley part of the Wavelength speakers bureau to view her full biography, find links to video’s and to book Gay for a speaking engagement go to Wavelength Speakers Bureau Gaynor Coley

Andy Parfitt, Director of Executive Talent for Saatchi & Saatchi

Andy is among the UK’s most experienced leaders in media. He holds the record as the longest serving Controller of BBC Radio 1 and was Controller Popular Music, Radio 1Xtra, the Asian Network, and caretaker Controller of 5 Live. Andy is widely credited with leading an extraordinarily successful period of regeneration at Radio 1 – he left the post in July 2011 with audiences for all his stations at record levels and the web performance of Radio 1 the biggest, by far, in the sector. A man with loads of insights into how culture and business models are shifted in large organisations.

Andy Parfit part of the Wavelength speakers bureau to view his full biography, find links to video’s and to book Andy for a speaking engagement go to Wavelength Speakers Bureau Andy Parfitt

Rita Bailey, Co-Founder Up To Something Partners

Rita was for 25 years at the heart of Southwest Airlines culture and people strategy. She ended up as the leader of Southwest’s world famous University for People with a team of 36 whose sole focus was providing the best support and training they could to the airline’s tens of thousands of employees to maintain its industry leading reputation for service excellence and being a great place to work. Since leaving Southwest, Rita has worked with businesses all over the world to help them improve their talent and people cultures and so achieve better service. Rita combines Texan charm with profound insights into what it takes to create world beating cultures. A great speaker, y’all.

Rita Bailey is part of the Wavelength speakers bureau to view her full biography, find links to video’s and to book Rita for a speaking engagement go to Wavelength Speakers Bureau Rita Bailey

David Smith, Leadership Coach

David has 34 years corporate experience of change management, the last 15 years of which were spent turning ASDA around. As People and IT Director and Executive Board member for 10 years, David was central to the remarkable cultural turnaround of ASDA from near bankruptcy to the commercial success which continues today in one of the most competitive and cutthroat sectors of food retailing. A blunt, straight talking northerner – and much sought after speaker and coach on leadership, culture and organisational change – David speaks with all the authority which comes from having been part of a team which led 100,000 plus staff in more than 200 locations to the top of the Sunday Times Best Place To Work list.

David Smith is part of the Wavelength speakers bureau to view his full biography, find links to video’s and to book David for a speaking engagement go to Wavelength Speakers Bureau David Smith

Lars Kolind

Lars is one of Scandinavia’s most successful and best known entrepreneurs and business leaders becoming world-renowned for his transformation of Oticon, where he was CEO from 1988 to 1998. He is, or has been, chairman of the World Scout Foundation and the Danish multinationals Grundfos and Unimerco. A prolific speaker and writer, his latest book is Unboss and his thesis is as straightforward as it is radical. Is the purpose of business is to make money? No—businesses must first and foremost be useful. They must become movements that change the world.

Steve McGuirk, County Fire Officer & Chief Executive

Steve has been a fire fighter since 1976 and he took over the running of Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Service in 2009. There are few more high profile and demanding roles in public service leadership than this. Saving lives and property, being caught between police and rioters, the fire service is on the frontline every day. Leading in such life and death circumstances at the best of times is a huge challenge. Doing so AND having to deal with massive funding cuts and shifting government priorities makes for one of the most demanding leadership roles in Britain today. Highly decorated for long service and bravery, Steve – one of Connect’s alumni – is a straight talking, battle hardened leader with a wicked sense of humour.

Jane Clubb, Leadership Coach

Jane is an executive coach and founder of LIW Leadership – whose motto is Courage Honour Humility. Jane coaches across sectors from big businesses like Cisco through to SMEs and social enterprises. She counts amongst her clients the board of Wavelength! Says Liam: “I’ve worked with many coaches over the years and Jane is one of the best. She combines profound emotional intelligence with a very hard nosed commercial edge. She makes us think and act better”.

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