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Fabulous photos from our last event of 2014

We’re sad to say it’s our last event of Connect 2014 – but what a day it was! We looked back over our Connect year together, thought about our future beyond Connect and discussed how to keep ourselves resilient when the going gets tough.

We discussed how to keep ourselves resilient (or is that ‘resourceful’?) in all areas of our lives with speakers: John Steele, Chief Executive of the Youth Sport Trust, talking about his controversial exit from the Rugby Football Union; Steve McGuirkCBE, CEO Manchester Fire and Rescue Service, on dealing with death on the job; Geoff McDonald, formerly Global VP of HR, Unilever, sharing his thoughts on being more mindful in the workplace and what corporations can do to help the mental well being of their employees; and Diana Man, International Para Dressage Rider, who woke up to discover she had had life-changing surgery to survive a serious illness.

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