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Drew Povey, one of Wavelength’s top rated speakers & Head of Harrop Fold School

Currently featuring on Channel 4’s “Educating Greater Manchester”!

Check out Drew Povey and his team at Harrop Fold School on Channel 4’s “Educating Greater Manchester” Thursday nights at 9pm.

Drew Povey and his team at Harrop Fold School are being featured on Channel 4’s Educating series – “Educating Greater Manchester” – a huge success pulling in 3m+ viewers. Make sure you watch it on Thursday nights at 9pm.


Drew and the show are causing quite a stir and attracting lots of attention from the press. Drew appeared on BBC 1’s “The One Show” last week and gave a brilliant interview. Attached is a great article from The Times published on 26th August 2017 about Drew and his brothers who also work at the school.



Drew is a long-term friend of Wavelength having spoken at various Connect events and is one of our most sought-after speakers on SpeakersHub.

He is a truly engaging and insightful speaker who talks with authority and passion on Leadership and Performance and will leave your audience inspired, educated and entertained.


Drew is part of Wavelength’s SpeakersHub. To view his full biography & video and book to speak at your own event please click here.

Drew is also a regular contributor to our Connect programme. Click on the for more details and to download the brochure for Connect 2018.

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