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Sue Campbell – Best In Class companies are made by bringing out the best in your talent

Watch this clip from one of Wavelength’s most engaging speakers about the importance of bringing out the talent in all your employees

Baroness Sue Campbell CBE, Chair, Youth Sport Trust, in her easy and funny manner, tells us another wonderful story. This time she illustrates how you can find talent in the most unlikely places and how vital it is to make the most of it.

Sue tells us of a conversation she had with an employee who was clearly totally disengaged from the role she was performing. However, when she asked her what she would do if she were in charge and there were no restraints on her resources she lit up and described in depth a totally new and well thought out system. When Sue then asked what was stopping her from doing all these things she simply pointed round the office. Sue told her to ignore all obstacles and go ahead with implementing her plans. This was the beginning of the drugs education programme now followed worldwide.

The point of this story is to remind us that almost everyone has a spark of talent in them and to make your company the best you need to constantly be searching for it.



Baroness Sue Campbell is part of the Wavelength Speakers Bureau. To view her full biography, find links to video’s and to book Sue to speak at your own event go to Wavelength Speakers Bureau Baroness Sue Campbell.



The Youth Sport Trust is an independent charity devoted to changing young people’s lives through sport. Established in 1994, they are passionate about helping all young people to achieve their full potential in life by delivering high quality physical education and sport opportunities.

Some areas of emphasis are PE and sport in primary schools, opportunities for those with special educational needs and disabilities and to foster international relationships through sport. Their aim is to support all young people to achieve their sporting best in school and their personal best in life.

The Youth Sport Trust has driven many of the improvements over the last decade in PE and school sport and is continuously looking at new ways to inspire young people to participate, compete, volunteer and officiate in sport.

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