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Faisel Rahman – the story of bringing Micro Finance to the UK

Faisel Rahman, Founder and CEO of Fair Finance joined our Connect members at On Your Marks 2013 to share his story of bringing micro finance to the UK.

Fair Finance has helped many low income people, who are usually overlooked by the traditional lending organisations, to receive the finance they need to make a better life for themselves.

Faisel’s mission is to create wealth management for poor people, to create a high-touch, high-quality service without the price. He says that the poor or not deemed ‘worth it’ for developing useful financial products that meet their needs. He believes this is caused by a lack of imagination in big banks, and that Fair Finance’s aims are to do exactly that.

Faisel Rahman is part of Wavelength’s speakers bureau. To view his full biography, find links to other videos and to book Faisel for a speaking engagement go to Wavelength Speakers Bureau Faisel Rahman.

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