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What’s the biggest challenge facing leaders today?

No-one said leadership is easy. In this video various leaders from different types of company around the world discuss some of the main challenges facing them in the current business climate. It’s interesting to note how many of these leaders talk about the new challenges they now face in this digital world of the internet and constant communication.

One of the main themes discussed in this video is how much the world we live in is changing. These changes are hitting us all from every direction meaning leaders must constantly be asking themselves, “What does this change mean to me?”; “How can I navigate myself and my business through this?”.

But perhaps the biggest change has been due to technology. We now live in a world of digital communication and social media. This has dramatically increased our speed of communication. Filtering through this massive volume of communication has become a task in itself and makes it hard to focus clearly on the most relevant facts. Leaders must therefore be in touch all the time and are expected to make immediate decisions. There is also increased accountability due to greater transparency. Both these factors pile constant pressure onto the shoulders of many leaders.

Sir Martin Narey (Government Advisor and former CEO of Barnardos) discussed the obvious challenges everyone is facing at the moment due to the recession. It can be much easier to be an imaginative leader in good times but when times are tough and you are trying achieve more with less, motivation and inspiration of your workforce is vital.

However, perhaps Faisel Rahman (Founder, Fair Finance) summed everything up the best by simply saying the world is becoming increasingly more complicated. Leaders must not only make sense of this for themselves but also make it real for their businesses and colleagues


Some of the contributors to this film are part of the Wavelength Speakers Bureau. To view full biographies and book for your own event, click below:

Faisel Rahman, Founder, Fair Finance Sir Martin Narey, Government Adviser and former CEO of Barnardo’s


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