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What types of organisations will benefit or lose out in a digitally disrupted world?

A discussion with Colleen McCreary, Lisa Gansky and George Anders

Sometimes our speakers have differing views on a subject but in this case all three are unanimous. All industries will be affected in this digitally disrupted world and in order to survive everyone must be willing to embrace change.

The key point to take from this clip, which all three speakers repeat, is not to be afraid of change. The only way to succeed is to seek it out and embrace it. But as George Anders, Author also points out, this is not just the key to surviving. If your organisation is good at this, now is the perfect time for it to thrive.

Lisa Gansky, Founder, Mesh Directory uses Kodak as an example. They were so heavily caught up in the old technology of film that they were extremely reluctant to move in the direction of digital images. She says all leaders have an equivalent. If you are addicted to the profit and comfort of the old ways you are in trouble.

Colleen McCreary, Chief People Officer, ZYNGA says retail businesses will struggle if they do not give themselves an online presence. By this she does not just mean a website but a whole online community. Another area she uses as an example is standard bread and butter consumer goods. We are increasingly wanting things to be more customised.


SPEAKER INFO: Lisa Gansky is part of Wavelength’s Speakers Bureau. To view her full biography, find links to other video’s and to book Lisa for a speaking engagement click here.

Colleen McCreary and George Anders were key speakers at Wavelength Connect event On Your Marks 2013. To view more videos from this event go to On Your Marks 2013



Mesh Directory: Traditional businesses follow a simple formula: create a product or service, sell it, collect money. But in the last few years a fundamentally different model has taken root – one in which consumers have more choices, more tools, more information, and more peer-to-peer power. Pioneering entrepreneur Lisa Gansky calls it the Mesh and reveals why it will soon dominate the future of business. Mesh companies create, share and use social media, wireless networks, and data crunched from every available source to provide people with goods and services at the exact moment they need them, without the burden and expense of owning them outright. Gansky reveals how there is real money to be made and trusted brands and strong communities to be built in helping your customers buy less but use more. Consider the explosive growth of Zipcar. By exploiting the latest technology and making it easy and affordable to have a car whenever you need one, this young company is helping to redefine personal transportation, and deeply worrying established competitors. In the tradition of The Long Tail, The Mesh illustrates a huge new opportunity that’s already driving new businesses and renewing old ones. It’s your essential guide to the new wave of information-enabled commerce that’s also improving our communities and our planet.

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