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Back home after Wavelength USA

Wavelength are just back from a week of inspiration and provocation in the USA. From Southwest Airlines to Zynga in the Valley, take a look at our great photos to see where we went, who we met, and what we learnt along the way.

On Wavelength USA we gain unique access to some of the world’s most admired companies. We meet the top team through to the frontline staff, and really get under the skin of how each organisation maintains it’s culture, delivers great customer service, truly engages it’s employees, continues to innovate, or is at the sharp edge of the disruption coming from Silicon Valley.

In 2013, we learnt about:

  • Culture, storytelling and how to hire from Southwest Airlines – click here to see our video blog. Southwest Airlines is the world’s largest low cost airline. It was formed in 1967 and is based in Dallas, Texas. It has around 46,000 employees, flies to 97 destinations in 41 American states, servicing around 100 million customers each year. Southwest Airlines has built a reputation for exemplary Customer Service, low fares with no annoying fee’s, safe and reliable operations and an extraordinary company culture.

  • The system behind the smiles from Ritz-Carlton Hotels – click here to see that video blog. With a 37% market share, Ritz-Carlton Hotels leads the ultra competitive luxury hospitality market. The Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company employs 38,000 people across 80 properties in 27 countries and has received all the major awards the hospitality industry and leading consumer organisations can bestow. With it’s motto, “We are ladies and Gentlemen serving Ladies and Gentlemen”, anticipatory customer service is driven into the DNA of every hotel. Read more about the Gold Standards by which the organisation operates.

  • Knowing that ‘it’ is the right ‘it’ from Google – and click here for that video blog. Google’s mission is “to organise the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful”. A $30 billion business of 53,000 people, Google truly has changed the world – and continues to push the boundaries of our imagination with products such as driverless cars and Google glass. In 2012, Google ranked Number 1 in Fortune Magazine’s prestigious ‘100 Best Companies to Work For’ list. Innovative benefits and the opportunity to pursue ideas that challenge the status quo are just a few of the attributes that have continued to maintain Google’s place as one of America’s most in demand companies for top talent.

Want to join us in 2014 for our next trip to the USA?

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