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An Introduction to Grameen Danone Foods

If you only have 4 mins watch this introduction to Grameen:

Introducing Social Business on OpenIDEOfromIDEOonVimeo.

If you have 10 mins more:

Read this introduction to Grameen bank and listen to Liam speaking to Grameen Danone Foods Executive Director about what their objectives are.

If you have 20 mins more:

Read the story of the Grameen Danone Foods (or watch the two short films).

Read this concise introduction to Yunus and Social Business.

Read Liam Black’s take on the big issues with Grameen & Microfinance.

Listen to this 5 min audioboo on Danone’s corporate balls.

If you have an hour watch Yunus make a speech at UCSD or read his Nobel Peace Prize acceptance speech:

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