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Wavelength Podcast

Episode 12: Conscious Inclusion 

Catherine Garrod, founder of Compelling Culture

in conversation with Wavelength Associate Liz Moseley


In this episode of Making Waves, the podcast for curious business leaders from Wavelength, our expert facilitator Liz Moseley is joined by

Catherine Garrod, founder of Compelling Culture and author of Conscious Inclusion: How to ‘do’ EDI one decision at time.


Catherine lives by this quote “Unless you’re consciously including people, you’re almost certainly unconsciously excluding people.” She believes when employees can be themselves and influence how things are done, their lives are better, they're more creative and better problem solvers. And when consumers are authentically represented in media, products and services, organisations and the communities they serve thrive.

Rather than top-down change initiatives involving huge teams, Catherine advocates for combining skill and will to guide people in their everyday thinking. When every voice is heard, every person is empowered and everybody takes action, the outcomes are extraordinary.​

MAKING_WAVES_Catherine_Garrod_Liz_Mosely_v4_MP3_128kbit_44kHz_stereoCatherine Garrod
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