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Our Clients

Wavelength clients come from FTSE 100 companies, social sector enterprises and public-sector organisations and we actively encourage this diversity.

The chance to interact with peers outside of their own industry circles is one of things that our clients say they most value about our leadership programmes. Breakthrough moments happen when you step outside of your own sphere of experience and look at your challenges through a different lens.

We attract executive level leaders, usually with significant operational responsibility. They may have job titles such as CEOs, COOs, CPOs, CFOs, Managing Directors and EVPs. In most cases these are the leaders who are destined for the top; the next board directors. These are leaders with a desire to explore their own leadership style and the need to adapt that style in times of rapid change.

Our Clients Include:


Case Studies

Wavelength case studies and testimonial quotes provide you with a bird’s eye view of how our global study tours and leadership programmes have landed for our clients.

Most of our clients have very specific leadership challenges and will view their Wavelength experience with these in mind. We curate conversations and meetings to maximise the relevance of our leadership programmes so our clients can return to base with the ideas, contacts and confidence to meet their challenges and make and manage change.

As part of our ongoing pursuit of excellence we regularly measure our impact through our Impact Report. In addition, we interview clients about their Wavelength experience and publish it as a full case study. We love this open and honest feedback. It helps us to gauge the value of our programmes now - and gives us a great steer on how we can best help our clients in the future with the most relevant types of programmes, best host organisations to visit and global tour locations.

Our Impact

Since 2010 nearly 900 leaders from FTSE 100 companies, social enterprises, charities and public sector agencies have taken part in Wavelength Connect. In the years since its inception we have surveyed the leaders that have taken part to explore the impact of our leadership programmes.

It’s only by doing this and regularly gauging our clients’ opinions that we can be sure we’re really fulfilling our purpose as a business.

The latest Impact Report is a comparative analysis that examines the impact on the leadership and behaviours of the Wavelength Connect Alumni 2016-2018 with findings from the first five years of the programme.


"An invaluable opportunity to broaden your horizons, learn, build new global networks and to understand and challenge established perspectives."

Torsten Flosbach, CFO, E.ON Energie Deutschland GmBH

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