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What We Do

We believe leaders learn best from leaders and that you can't outsource change. experiential, peer-based learning is at the heart of what we do. .

Our leadership programmes provide senior leaders with unique insider access to organisations at the forefront of: innovation, disruption, engagement, service excellence, leadership resilience, social impact, transformation, and change.

This provides them with the inspiration, knowledge and resourcefulness to devise their own solutions to core organisational and personal leadership challenges and provides a radically different model for learning and a tangible return on investment.

We run programmes in UK, USA, India and China and our clients and partners include: Alibaba, Apple, BBC, Dyson, The Guardian, LEGO, Pret a Manager, Aibnb, Ritz-Carlton Hotels, Selfridges, Rolls Royce, Sainsbury’s, Tesla, Netflix and Warner Bros.

"The USA programme worked extremely well and gave my team and I a great opportunity to connect with many entrepreneurs, businesses and ideas. We now approach innovation differently at Tesco from both an organisational and cultural perspective."

Dave Lewis, CEO, tesco


Wavelength Connect

Wavelength Connect provides access to the world’s most admired, successful, innovative companies – providing participants with the inspiration and knowledge to find solutions to core leadership and organisational challenges and to own and action them.

A six-month long, UK-based leadership programme, Wavelength Connect is primarily designed for teams and brings together leaders from worlds that would not normally interact.

Since Wavelength Connect began in 2010, over 900 leaders from 110 leading FTSE 100 companies, social enterprises, charities and public sector agencies have taken part.


Global Tours

Wavelength Global Tours offer unrivalled access to some of the most innovative, disruptive, exciting and productive organisations in the world. From the original tech hub of Silicon Valley, to the economic powerhouse of India, and to China - the country with the highest industrial output in the world - we take you to the Boardrooms and shop floors for a truly immersive learning experience.

We believe that leaders learn best from other leaders. That’s why our study tours take you to places that the business schools don’t. We give you the opportunity to experience first-hand how change and transformation are taking place right across the major continents on the planet.

Let us show you how others are managing change – share the ‘warts and all’ then help you explore the ideas, confidence and support network to lead change back in your own organisation.


Wavelength SpeakersHub

Wavelength's speakers are the best in the business. They are world-class leaders, from world-class organisations who have first-hand experience in the leadership themes most pertinent today; from digital disruption to diversity and inclusion.

We have a niche offering compared to other speaker bureaus: we don’t do entertainment and we don’t do celebrity – we truly believe leaders learn best from other leaders.


"The programme was real eye-opener - a wake-up call to inspire a traditionalist to get on the bus - or be run over. Disruption is now firmly on our agenda."

John Martin, Chief Executive, Ferguson PLC

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