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Case Studies

is there a typical Wavelength case study? Not so much.

Many of our clients have worked with us over a number of years, as they put in place plans to manage change more effectively and roll these out across (often global) organisations. Some may attend as an individual one year, returning with their team the following year. Whilst other organisations have sent whole teams on the same programme on consecutive years because there is always more to know, new companies to take note of, new leaders to learn from.

What is certainly true is that every business story is different. But it’s our leadership challenges that unite us.


SAGA Plc Case Study

SAGA has become a highly trusted UK business, by providing its customers with differentiated products and excellent customer service for 70 years.

Find out more about how SAGA worked with Wavelength to bring the outside world in for 40 of their senior leaders, through the Inspire leadership development programmes.

"We really got a lot of value from the Inspire programme. We’ve seen a shift in curiosity amongst our senior leadership team, who are now more readily looking outside of the organisation. We would highly recommend Inspire as a programme."

Jane Storm, CPO, SAGA Plc

Tesco Case Study

Over the past five years the retail sector has been under intense pressure as consumer behaviour evolves. The result has been sector disruption and the emergence of a new competitive landscape.

In response, Tesco leadership teams have been clear in their intentions to create the necessary conditions for innovation to ensure that their business remains relevant through this period of rapid change.

Read how Tesco worked with Wavelength to bring about the necessary conditions and mindset for innovation through immersive learning and bespoke leadership programmes.


"I highly recommend Wavelength as a partner. Their methodology & philosophy that leaders learn best from leaders works incredibly well. The content of the programmes and subsequent event, the calibre and relevancy of the guests and host organisations are the cornerstones of the success of Wavelength. And those conversations! Open, engaging and totally relevant to our organisation.."

Natasha Adams, CPO, Tesco


Virgin Money Case Study

Following the merger of Clydesdale Bank, Yorkshire Bank, the app-based bank B with Virgin Money in 2019 Francis Lake, head of organisational development, was tasked with helping manage the transition to the newly formed organisation.

In recent years, leaders from CYBG have participated in Wavelength Connect, Wavelength USA, China and bespoke trips designed to deliver against specific objectives.

Read about their experiences of attending these trips as told by Francis Lake, including the key takeaways and learnings from the programmes, speakers and immersive learning opportunities in this new case study.

"The biggest impact of our activities with Wavelength has been getting senior leaders engaged with the concept of purpose and becoming a purpose-led company. It’s given people a North Star, a reason to believe, a way to connect with each other."

Francis Lake, Head of Organisation Development, Virgin Money

Transcendent Case Study

Back in 2014 Angel Perez felt that the marketing function at Eli Lilly would benefit from some external stimulus. He feared that their introspection could negatively impact the creativity and innovative output needed to drive the company forward, at a time when disruption and increased competition was ubiquitous.

To counter these concerns Angel made contact with Wavelength, who proposed a bespoke set of immersive learning opportunities at some of the most aspirational and inspirational businesses on the planet. 


"I felt there was an opportunity to help companies accelerate their social impact journey, using all that I had seen and learnt through my Wavelength interactions."

Angel Perez, former Senior Director Marketing, Capabilities, Commercial Operations and LSS at Eli Lilly, and Founder & Managing Partner at Transcendent


William Grant Case Study

How to banish ambiguity, break down silos and get more sleep! Gary Keogh, Marketing Director EMEA at William Grant and Sons, talks to Helen Trevaskis how inspiration during Wavelength Connect in 2019 saw him and his team revolutionise goal setting and business planning using OKRs.

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