We are delighted to welcome you onboard as a Member of Wavelength Connect 2021!


This is your dedicated portal to support you during the year. It has three core functions: a catch-up library of the Up Close & Virtual sessions that will build during the year; the personal profiles of the 2021 cohort; and details of upcoming events.


Over the course of the programme, leaders from fascinating organisations including Alibaba, Apple, Tesco, Netflix, Liverpool Football Club, Four Seasons, and Unilever will share their unvarnished insights, lessons, and experiences with you.


You will also learn from the cohort of ambitious leaders around you, who come from a diverse mix of industries and sectors. We will help you to get the most from these innovative thinkers, great conversations and new connections to develop and deepen your leadership insights and practices.


We look forward to getting to know you.


Jessica Stack

Co-founder, Wavelength & Director, Wavelength Connect

The Wavelength Connect 2021 Programme in Brief


Wavelength Connect 2021 will be delivered in both high-touch and high-tech formats. Take a look at the plan for the year so far.

Connect Roadmap - Feb and March
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May - September
Behind The Brand Visits

1-day visits inside the boardrooms and shop floors of some admired organisations. Choices include:

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Don’t forget to join our private LinkedIn group for the members of Wavelength Connect 2021 only. It's a forum for you to connect with each other - through private messages of public posts - share challenges and issues you would like help with, and add anything you see or read you think would help other members.

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